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Girly Hats for the Marines?

October 24, 2013
The current Marine hats (left) next to the proposed unisex Marine hats (right). Courtesy: New York Post

The current Marine hats (left) next to the proposed unisex Marine hats (right). Courtesy: New York Post

Scrolling through some news headlines today, I came across a very interesting one from FOX News.

Obama wants Marines to wear ‘girly’ hats”

According to this story, President Obama wants to introduce a new hat for the Marines which would be suitable for both men and women serving in the military. The hat is described as the “Dan Daly hat,” which was worn by a sergeant from New York who won the Medal of Honor during World War I.

FOX News describes the hats as, “so ‘girly’ that they would make the French blush.”

Many other outlets were outraged by the proposed uniform change including the New York Post and The Washington Times, just to name a few.

Others examined the new uniform differences, and simply said that there was displeasure from around the country about the hats, but didn’t use such sensationalized language to describe it.

Many are arguing that because the old hat has been a part of the uniform since 1922 that there is no reason to change tradition, stating the the new hats look “ridiculous.”

However, after searching for a story about this from a differed perspective, I was unable to come across anybody news outlets who disagreed with this perspective. CNN and MSNBC did not run stories on this. I was rather surprised at the tone of the language and wording used in the FOX News story. As a corporation whose operation is to report the news, there seemed to be an awful lot of opinion in that story.

Would the new hats really be that bad? 


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