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The Government Un-Shutdown

October 17, 2013

The day of jubilee is here!

Well, kind of.

On Wednesday, the United States government actually agreed on something. In this stunning reminder of how our country and politicians are supposed to work, the debt ceiling was temporarily raised until February 2014 to delay the default, and in essence put us back into the exact same spot four months from now.

However, when scanning multiple sources after yesterday’s decision, I noticed a wide variety of responses to the event.

First, let’s start with MSNBC. This article on its website talked about the Republican party’s failure to do anything about Obamacare (which seems to be the party’s priority) and described the event as an “epic defeat.” Despite all of the concessions it says that the Republicans had to make in order to get a deal passed, it offers quotes from Republicans in a mocking and sarcastic way talking about how reaching this agreement was a victory.

On its front page, FOX News has a story about how even if the default deadline had come and passed without a deal, that the United States would not have been in that much trouble, arguing that the US Treasury is still one of the safest assets in the world. It even went so far as to refer to this as a “manufactured fiscal showdown,” which I thought was awfully bold.

Checking a few other spots for talk about this deal, I came across one place which seemed to only praise one side of the aisle on this compromise. This deal, reached between Democratic Senator Harry Reid and Republican Senator Mitch McConnell, was coined the McConnell-Reid Deal (very creative, I know), but it only spoke well of McConnell. It talks about what he was able to include in this deal, aside from the deal itself. McConnell was also able to get $3 billion for his home state of Kentucky in the deal in order to fund a dam in the western part of the state.

Several other places I checked had much differing views. One called it the shutdown of the Republicans and Tea Party. Another claimed that Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner had conceded defeat, as if he had lost an election.

For the most part, reaction to this deal was all over the place. However, the one place I found that gave a balanced story about the deal was CNN.


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  1. Good reporting on this current news from the specific perspective of your blog! I announced in class last week that you only needed one post this week, so you picked up some extra credit for two solid pieces.

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