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Is the Government Shutdown Over?

October 16, 2013

There are conflicting reports this morning about the status of a potential deal to end the government shutdown.

Checking the news this morning, I went to the websites of both CNN and FOX News hoping to see some good news about a potential deal before tomorrow’s default deadline.

First, I went to CNN. where I saw a video of New Hampshire senator Kelly Ayotte on the front page talking about the possibility of an agreement coming soon. However, after examining the rest of the page, the breaking news headline at the top of the page with a quote from Speaker of the House John Boehner saying,

“No decision has been made about how or when a potential Senate agreement could be voted on in the house.”

However, when clicking on the link to this headline, an article about the Senate reaching a deal to end the shutdown appears. Even with the live streaming CNN news feed which is running on the side of the site, conflicting information is being given. The story line across the bottom of the screen goes back and forth between saying that a deal has been reached and saying that, according to Boehner, no deal has been reached.

Curious about what to believe, I went to the FOX News website and saw a bold headline stating that a tentative agreement had been reached to end the government shutdown and to raise the debt ceiling, thus avoiding a default on Thursday.

Taking a look on Twitter, CNN seems to be taking this issue very carefully. Could this be because of the fallout after the misreporting by CNN staff during the Boston Marathon Bombings coverage? The first mention of the apparent deal by CNN’s breaking news Twitter feed is actually a retweet talking about the Dow Jones index jumping 200 points after reports of a deal had come out.

Shortly after that retweet, CNN included more information from reports by senators claiming that a deal had been reached.

FOX News also offered a retweet as its first report of the situation, but it happened nearly a half hour before CNN’s.

As I mentioned above, it seems as though CNN is treating this very cautiously and doesn’t want to report anything until it is 100% confirmed and true. It seems as though FOX News has been the better news source in completely and effectively informing its viewers and readers of what is actually happening with today’s agreement.

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