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How the Shutdown Affects You

October 10, 2013

As the government is still closed, and no end in sight, I was looking through some ways that this is changing the lives of people across the country.

CNN ran a story talking about five crazy things that have happened because of the government shutdown. It discusses several national parks being closed the how it is changing the plans of tourists across the country. It also discusses the effects of the shutdown on the crabbing industry in Alaska. A map of the affected locations is below.

FOX Story also had a similar story about a tourist who was locked inside of her hotel at Yellowstone National Park and kept under armed guard because they were not allowed to tour the park. FOX also had a story about an Arizona Food Bank which was donating food to furloughed workers from the Grand Canyon National Park.

The Huffington Post had an article detailing 50 things that would be effected by the shutdown. However, some believed that that list of items was a bit much.

All in all, I found that all news sources did a good job of covering this story from a personal perspective. They were able to incorporate ways in which normal, every day citizens were being affected by the government shutdown.

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  1. Interesting solution for this assignment that keeps with the focus of your blog. It’s clearly integrated in your post as well. The biggest issue is the data points: The windows that pop up when clicked don’t really provide useful or actionable information, just locations and addresses. It’d be a far bigger help for them to say more about the details of the individual spots that are relevant to the story.

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