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The Government Is Still Closed

October 9, 2013

Well, it’s been a week, and the United States government is still closed.

As this case is continuing, I wanted to examine the coverage of the battle in the House of Representatives and the Senate about this issue.

According to CNN political experts, there would be enough votes to end the government shut down. With 435 members of the House, 217 votes are required to make a majority. CNN estimates that 219 votes would be in favor of approving the reopening of the government. This number would include all 200 Democrats and 19 Republicans. However, there is no motivation from the Republicans to convince Speaker of the House John Boehner to have a vote on the issue.

CNN makes it sound as if a reopening of the government could be a possibility because of the amount of votes, although it also states that a vote on this is not imminent.

FOX News states that politicians are “all over the map” when it comes to reopening the government. While CNN made it sound as though there was at least some bipartisan work taking place in Washington, FOX does the exact opposite. FOX says that both sides have a different solution to the problem, and that it’s hard to believe that any compromise can get done at this point. However, I also discovered that FOX takes a direct shot at the Democrats in this case, while many people believe that the unwillingness to compromise by the Republicans is the problem with the shut down. The FOX story says that while President Obama is willing to compromise with Republicans and offer a short-term resolution while negotiations continue to take place, that Senate Majority Leader and Democrat Harry Reid does not seem willing to do the same. It also continues on to talk about how the Republicans are attempting to create a bipartisan committee to solve the issue.

The CNN and FOX News stories are both very different in the tone they set and the content which is included. The CNN article gives information about a potential vote which could end this current standoff, but the FOX News story basically blames Democrats for making the situation worse.

This isn’t the first time that content broadcasted by a network about this government shut down has come under scrutiny.

FOX News was criticized for calling the government shut down a “slim down.” Republican politicians were also called out by a very conservative blog for not at least negotiating a temporary solution to reopen the government.

After seeing this criticism coming in from both sides, it’s curious as to why FOX News has such differing information in its story. It paints an entirely different picture of the story, and seems to only lay blame to one side, where both sides are to blame in this case.

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