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Food Stamps For Thought

September 22, 2013

This past week, the House of Representatives passed a bill to cut funding to the food stamps program in this country.

The bill will cut $40 billion in funding for the program and could potentially remove 3.8 Americans from food stamp assistance.

When looking up information about this bill, I came across very different stories from both FOX News and CNN. Both networks paint the picture very differently and use much different information to get their respective points across.

To begin, the FOX News story has a headline talking about the $40 billion budget which will be cut for food stamps funding whereas the CNN headline talks about the 3.8 million people who will be affected.

So, just to begin, the headline from both places sets a different tone for the story.

Analyzing the first few paragraphs, the CNN story discusses more about people who are currently on food stamps in this country, and the FOX News story talks about the amount of politicians who voted for each side of the bill.

As I continued to read through the stories, I noticed a huge amount of difference in the interviews included in the story.

CNN had quotes from both Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a democrat, and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, a republican. The FOX News story had quotes from Cantor along with two other republicans, and only a statement from democrat Nancy Pelosi which was taken from her press conference. So, FOX News only interviews republican officials and didn’t take the time to interview a democrat.

Reading these two stories showed a huge difference in content, and really changed the way the story was told.

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