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Right vs. Left

September 21, 2013

For this post, I wanted to show what a difference there is between other blogs which label themselves as either conservative or liberal blogs, and to showcase the biases they show.

The first blog, which I have used as a reference before, is News Corpse, which is a very left-leaning blog.

News Corpse is always criticizing things that are shown by FOX News. These things can be anywhere from major stories to small little details that are messed up by FOX News, but either way, News Corpse covers it.

They have taken misquotes by FOX News anchors and made big stories out of them. However, at the end of that story, they were still able to use actual information to back up their arguments. This is good to see that they’re not just babbling on about something that a FOX News anchor said which was incorrect. Instead, they could use actual facts to prove what they are saying.

The blog also discusses major news and political stories, such as Obamacare, with similar coverage.

A major conservative blog which I usually check is Red State, which titles itself, “Conservative Blog & Right Wing Views.”

With a quick look at their site, the first story is about House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and the “democrat abuse of the judicial process.” It talks about the democratically-influenced prosecution and judicial system.

They also focus on President Obama, saying that he would rather meet with Iranian leaders than speaker of the house John Boehner.

The difference between these two blogs is huge, and anybody reading either one of these would receive a drastically different view of the news.

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