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Pope Francis’ Comments

September 20, 2013

In an interview published on Thursday, Pope Francis made some very interesting remarks about the catholic church.

From a pope who seems to be much more progressive than his predecessors, such comments should not be surprising. But, when people are mixing the politics with the church, then the debate gets intense.

Pope Francis stated that he believes that women should play a larger role in the Catholic church, and that the church should not focus so much on gay marriage and abortion and should instead find more balance between its spiritual and political sides.

I’m a religious person, and not a Catholic, but it’s amazing to see a pope who is so open-minded when it comes to these social issues.

Many people who are devout Catholics and are conservative in their beliefs have been quite outspoken about this papacy. Some people believe that the pope is dividing the Catholic church. Others believe that Pope Francis has become “annoying.”

Quite a few other people are raising the discussion about Pope Francis being too liberal compared to what a pope actually should be.

In words which were not meant to become politicized, even though they obviously would be, left-minded individuals were very encouraged by the stance taken by the new pope. And, even some conservatives were not outraged by the comments, stating that the pope is just welcoming Catholics to “love thy neighbor.”

Whether or not you’re a Catholic, and whether or not you agree with the pope’s comments, I believe that it’s unfortunate that religious comments have been so quickly turned into a political debate. There’s something in this country about the separation of church and state, and that should continue.

I thought that it was very interesting to see the reaction to these comments on both sides of the aisle. The pope is encouraging people to “show mercy” to others, and it would be nice to see both sides agree on that.

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