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What Was CNN Doing?

September 19, 2013

This isn’t recent news, but it’s relevant to this blog anyways.

In October of 2009, there was a Gay Rights Equality March in Washington, DC. Tens of thousands of supporters gathered on the west lawn of the Capitol building to demand that President Obama would allow gays to openly serve in the military as well as end workplace discrimination against gays.

The event took place on a Sunday, so one would think that coverage of the event would be made national news across the networks on Monday.

However, CNN didn’t believe that there was anything to report. As is seen in this humorous video from the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the network didn’t even report on the major rally which took place in front of the nation’s Capital building the day before. Instead, CNN chose to cover a story which fact-checked a Saturday Night Live skit from the past weekend which was poking fun at items on President Obama’s agenda which he had not yet pursued. Here’s actual video of the real CNN story, hosted by Wolf Blitzer.

Instead of covering an issue which had national prominence for the civil rights debate of this generation, CNN chose to run a story about fact-checking a story which was supposed to be sarcastic and funny in the first place. CNN actually calls out Saturday Night Live for not getting all the facts right. They claim that President Obama actually had accomplished some of the goals set forth during his candidacy in 2008.

CNN’s choice to run this piece created national backlash.

While some argued that any piece of political satire has to contain some truth, CNN’s deep analysis of this piece was really almost comical in itself. Others also brought to attention that although it’s okay to fact check a political satire skit, this is not usually something that gains national news coverage.

Why CNN chose to run this piece and not even mention the major civil rights rally which had taken place over the weekend is not known. It doesn’t quite make sense to me, and hopefully CNN will actually report the news next time.

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